The missing link to the digital supermarket

It is common knowledge that buyers use their smart phones while shopping to make phone calls, send text messages, do Facebook updates, download deals, scan barcodes and find personalized offers.

However, the supermarket in your neighborhood has something in store for you.

Supermarkets now compete with their shopping carts in the mobile applications arena. The growing mobile technology is the last frontier available to supermarket chains in order to compete for new customers. Many supermarkets are rushing to develop mobile tools with the hope to increase customer loyalty.

The Internet has transformed many industries over the past 20 years, and the next industry on the list is the supermarket industry. Supermarkets are betting on the mobile application as the missing link that that will launch the digital supermarket era.

The supermarket’s plan is to keep you away from your Facebook and hope you dive head first into the mobile application experience.

Soon, customers will be able to use their mobile devices to plan meals, organizing the shopping list, download coupons, compare prices, get reward points, receive personalized marketing offers, and scan the bar code products, while using the supermarket’s mobile application.

The convenience of planning a visit to the supermarket by first using the website and having the full purchase price ready on your smart phone is really the missing link to the digital supermarket era. The smart phone could begin the evolutions process towards the digital supermarket era.

Traders have always followed consumer trends and customer behavior, but mobile applications link the spending history and interest to the identity of a particular consumer. It is important to consider the privacy of your local grocery store and try to find out who else can access this information.

Expect a mobile application from a supermarket near you.

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