What are the signs of a post-Facebook era?


How many facebook shares, tweets, Linked In, and Google + have been made on this story? It is increasingly obvious that Facebook is lagging behind!

Many people have put against me for these comments. The reality is that I have been warning of the post-Facebook for several years.

The privacy and trust issues that hit Facebook, combined with the proliferation of fake profiles and likes, have eroded the credibility of Facebook.

On the other hand, Facebook has been a victim of its own strategy of a free culture. Its strategy appealed to everyone by offering free services. That same community has the FREE culture attitude. They do not tolerate ads nor will pay a penny to Facebook. That is precisely the existential dilemma of Facebook. How to sell or even charge for a service to a community accustomed to receive free services?

Other Factors

Companies such as General Motors have publicly acknowledged that ads on Facebook do not work. GM announced the cancellation of its budget worth 10 million dollars a year destined to Facebook.

Transition to Mobile

Consumers are using more mobile electronics than laptops. These equipments don’t have less space on their screen to place ads. With this transition to a mobile environment, companies that depend on ads have failed to find the formula and/or space to capitalize on their advertisers.

The fiasco of the Stock Exchange

Facebook achieved a record for being the most anticipated IPO in the history of Wall Street. It also achieved the record of the stock with the worst performance ever, losing 50% of its value in a matter of days.

For all these reasons I have forecast the post-Facebook era for several years.

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