Bank Fraud Alert

Bank Fraud Alert for Wells Fargo Customers.

There are new phishing email from posing as PNC and Wells Fargo making the rounds this week. The PNC scam is asking you to update your account information, while Wells Fargo claims to notify you of unauthorized account activity and wants you to open an attachment that takes you to a bogus website to login.  No legitimate business would ask you to do this today. If you receive these emails please delete them immediately and do not follow any links or open any attachments. If unsure, please contact the financial institution by phone before doing anything online under these pretenses.

A tip to tell if an embedded link inside of an email is valid is to hover your mouse over the link and you will see the website name in a pop up. This is a technical aspect, but it’s important to familiarize yourself with basic web address structures today as not clicking on malicious links is one of our best defenses. In any case, it is reasonable to expect the link to be branded with the company, or something like “”. If it’s not, be very suspicious and call the company and inquire, or ask the Help Desk to confirm the email.