Design Thinking is for entrepreneurs?

Design Thinking is for entrepreneurs?
Design Thinking is for entrepreneurs?

Have you ever wondered if Design Thinking is for entrepreneurs?

Thanks to the South Florida Hispanic Chamber’s partnership with Grow with Google, we are able to get closer to South Florida’s Hispanic business community.

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, Miami’ s Grow with Google Digital Coach will be teaching you the Design Thinking methodology.

Did you know that Design Thinking allows you as an entrepreneur to be able to pursue different thinking styles?

Also, explore different open options to come up with an actionable solution?

Design Thinking tools, such as empathy, are excellent for fulfilling this purpose. 

Also, prototyping plays an integral role in this aspect.

At the beginning of this webinar, Vicente Pimenta is first going to teach you the concept of Design Thinking and why you should learn how to use it.

It is such an important methodology that we are surrounded by everyday solutions, as a result of it that we are not even aware of.

Do you know where the idea of Uber, Smart TVs and opening car doors without keys came from?

Obviously of Design Thinking.

Someone following the five steps of Design Thinking has already invented a solution to a problem and you are still wondering: Is Design Thinking for entrepreneurs?

Don’t think twice and register for this webinar and activate the Design Thinking methodology to put solutions in your business.

Learn how you can build ideas based on function and emotions. 

Enable or make it easier to solve problems for any sector, digital or analog company, your family, etc.

For this reason Design Thinking will be very useful for you to begin and finish a project.

Register for free now and be part of the solution to a problem.

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