Elon Musk Buys Twitter

What’s Next for Twitter?
Twitter’s leadership failed to focus on innovation. Instead, they submerged themselves into policing content, and politics.
The fact that you can’t edit a tweet or a comment, is unbelievable. In addition, you have to reorganize your message in order to fit within the number of characters allowed per tweet. These are relics standards from “Web 1.0” and are a clear signal of lack of innovation. Elon Musk has twitted about the “EDIT” button, or lack of. That will probably be the among the first changes we’ll see.
As we slowly transition into Web 3.0, Elon mentions an open source algorithm. This move focuses on transparency, a key element on Web 3.0. If he is talking about transparency, most likely technologies like blockchain and decentralized autonomous organization could be a part of Twitter’s future.
Verifying each Twitter user has also been mentioned by Elon Musk. Elon will lead the war on bots and spam, and probably set e new industry standard.
Most likely Twitter will include more cryptocurrency and decentralized finances products to it’s users. It’s evident that Bitcoin and Dogecoin are among Elon’s preferred crypto currencies. Some Elon Musk’s followers are betting long on Dogecoin. This as a result of Elon’s tweets making reference to “Dogecoin to the Moon” in several occasions.
On a more extravagant idea, Elon could make his rockets or Tesla vehicles record their journey as they are tweeted in real time.
Twitter’s advertising services is the core of this operation. It has been under performing, compared to other platforms. As an asset well deployed, this will probably pay back his investment, several times.
What’s on Elon’s mind is anybody’s guess, but the future has arrived. What do you think Elon’s #twitter could look like? Leave your thoughts in the comments.