Learn how to balance our work and life

Learn how to balance our work and life
Learn how to balance our work and life

It is no mystery to anyone that we have many tasks on our hands and want to learn how to balance our work and life.

Would you like to learn how to more effectively balance your energy and master your time to improve overall productivity?

Then you’re in the right place.

Thanks to Grow with Google’s excellent partnership with the City of Coral Gables this will be possible.

Sign up NOW and learn how.

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, Miami’s Grow with Google Digital Coach will guide you by teaching you practices, resources and exercises to incorporate into your work and life.

This is a workshop that will be a golden nugget in your transformation and success.

Vicente Pimienta will teach you three points:

  • What you must do to balance your energy
  • How to master your mind
  • Learning to manage your time

Did you know that energy comes from 4 main sources?

Do you know what they are?

Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

Energy is what allows you to work, that’s why it is so important to know how to charge them.

We wish we had an overdose of energy to attend to our work and private life with enthusiasm.

In this workshop you will learn with Vicente Pimienta to establish some rituals and attitudes and by practicing them you will be able to do them automatically.

Learn to balance our work and life by following these rituals for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

No energy causes distraction, forgetfulness.

How many times do you stop to look for something and you don’t know what you were looking for?

More than 47% of people suffer from memory loss due to exhaustion.

Lack of energy makes it difficult for you to concentrate on your work and can even alter your mood. 

The solution is not immediate but if you follow Vicente Pimienta’s recommendations, with small steps, you can make a big difference.

We are waiting for you in this workshop, register and learn how to gain energy.

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