Plant the seed of success in your team

Plant the seed of success in your team
Plant the seed of success in your team

If you want to be a great manager, Plant the seed of success in your team.

The success of a company depends highly on a great leader.

The Florida Foreign Trade Association has been able to use its partnership with Grow with Google to empower its community with free workshops.

Why pay for expensive training if Grow with Google gives it to you for free?

Vicente Pimienta, Miami’s Grow with Google Digital Coach, is going to teach you how to be a great manager.

A great manager must know and follow several rules, which is what you will learn in this workshop.

Vicente Pimienta is CEO @Digisults and because of that he knows how important it is to be a good manager.

If you plant the seed of success in your team, you will see how you will achieve a great team that will be enjoyable to work with, and will accomplish the expected goals.

 As a manager, you are the head of the team and the work environment will depend on you.

As a manager, you must be a good coach, you must know how to lead, train your team, and know how to give assignments.

Definitely a good coach has two options: either you teach your employee how to fish or you give him the fish.

The good leader takes part of his time to teach his employee how to fish, so he learns, becomes independent, and successful.

If you give him the fish he will be a useless employee who will never know what to do.

Vicente Pimienta will teach you the secret of listening. Yes, to be a leader you have to know how to listen to the needs of your people.

The best way to be a good coach is to empathize with the problems by asking questions and learning these needs.

The best way to achieve success is by learning how to achieve it yourself, so sign up and learn how to lead.

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