Put your business on Google Maps for Free

Put your business on Google Maps for Free
Put your business on Google Map for Free

No more excuses, now is the time to put your business on Google Maps for free.

In this era where we search for everything online, it is necessary for your business to appear online.

Grow with Google along with its partner, The South Florida Hispanic Chamber Commerce, offers you this workshop to help you become successful.

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, Miami’s Grow with Google Digital Coach is teaching you just how easy it is.

You think that because you do not have an online store you should not put your business online?

Well, you are wrong, all online or physical stores should be on Google Maps.

How do you think new customers will find you?

Whatever type of business you have, your future customer is going to search on Google Maps.

Registered businesses near this customer will be the first ones to appear.

If yours is not yet registered, register here and put your business on Google Maps for free.

Your business may have been in the market for years, but if you put it on Google Maps, you will surely give your business a boost.

Google Maps not only puts your business on Google search, but it introduces your business to anyone who is looking for what you’re offering.

However, not everything that is on Google is shown in the search.

The first thing you have to do is to be part of this workshop by registering here.

In this workshop, Vicente Pimienta will give you key tips that will help you to optimize your presence in Google searches.

As a result after this workshop you will see how your presence in Google will help you gain more customers.

And the most important thing is that it is completely free.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more by registering here.

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