Tips for using Google Ads

Tips for using Google Ads
Tips for using Google Ads


This Workshop will be full of tips for using Google Ads.

Grow with Google is very happy to join forces with its partner Florida Foreign Trade Association and Millennia Atlantic University in this second webinar.

Vicente Pimienta, Miami ‘s Grow with Google Digital Coach, is going to teach you in this second part a lot of tips for your ads.

He will be focusing on ad strategies that are tailored to individual needs.

Also Vicente Pimienta, CEO @Digisults, is going to give the general concepts of manual, customizable and remarketing ads. 

And best of all, you will learn how to analyze the performance of your ads to improve them with Google Analytics.

Do you have your ad in Google Ads, and you are curious to know how your ad is performing?

Vicente Pimienta will explain step by step how you should regularly review the performance of your campaign.

In this simple way you will learn which are the best things you should do to achieve your goals.

He will show you how to make changes to optimize your ads.

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool and it is a free service.

It is a tool that tracks your website traffic.

Here Vicente Pimienta is going to teach you how to use this little hidden detective that will help you:

Find out about the people who visit your site, including their browsing behaviors

Using it the right way will help you get much better results.

And if you need more to convince you to register for this webinar, you should know:

  • It’s Free
  • Exclusive training from Vicente Pimienta.
  • Tips for using Google Ads
  • How to set it up
  • It is fully automated
  • You will be able to create custom reports
  • You can integrate it with other tools.

If you have a business or you are an entrepreneur, you must put it in Google, so that your future clients can find it.

Take the opportunity to register and learn with an expert.

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