Before Christ and After Google …

In the history of mankind there is an event that has been used as a historical reference over centuries. We make reference to the event of the coming of Christ to earth as Before Christ and After Christ.

The business world has been impacted by an event of equal magnitude with the advent of Google. Businesses can make reference to the term “Before Google and After Google”.

The Internet is 20 years old and I’ve been providing Internet services for over 16 years. During this period there had never been such urgency to be on the Internet as today. Over time, like a ticking bomb, it will only get more competitive to even survive online.

The race began 20 years ago and there are people and/or companies that are running this race very fast. There is a daily war of thousands of merchants trying to take the lead in every category of the Internet search engines like Google.

Good news, there is still much land available within the reach of small businesses. This window of opportunity is closing on a daily basis due to the high number of websites launched.

The reality is that the business owner of the 21st century is forced to use Google instead of the traditional 411 calls or even the famous yellow pages. The problem is that the business owner does not know how to do. It is now obvious that the business owner needs to assume additional digital tools and responsibilities that require a little determination, education, and practice.

The competition is so fierce that today the business owner has to be directly involved on his own digital strategy, and monitor it daily.

This is something that any programmer or webmaster will NOT do for you. The business owner is forced to divert new visitors to his website and build online relationships. That relationship and trust will make your visitors into online customers.

The Problem:

No developer or webmaster has the sales skills, the persuasion, or the financial incentive to turn your online visitors into customers.

When the business owner recognizes this critical aspect, he is faced with the need to educate yourself on the online marketing subject, or face losing more sales to competition.

The small business owner usually is in a state of denial and reacts with the following arguments:

  • I have no time for that
  • I do not know how
  • I am not a computer person
  • A buddy of my son in taking care of all that …
  • How much do you charge to do everything for me?

In reality the business owner’s toolbox just went digital.

Like a carpenter has his toolbox to go to work, the business owner of the 21st century has its own new digital toolbox, necessary to earn his living online.

The Internet service providers and the educators can only setup the tools, and educate you on how to use them. Each business owner has to carry the weight of his own the hammer, and swing it accordingly in order to hit the nail. The more you use the hammer, the better you get at nailing. The same thing is true with the new digital toolbox of the 21st century.

NOTE: It serves no good just to own the toolbox. You must go online and take the tools outside the box  and use them, in order to improve our numbers.

The Basic Digital Toolbox of the 21st century:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Website/Blog
  3. Internet Marketing
  4. Google AdWords

To succeed in the 21st century is extremely important that these tools are not delegated to a minor or Internet beginners. It is time for the business owner to take full responsibility of their digital future and educate themselves as much as possible.

Learn how to edit your own website, create campaigns in Google Adwords, develop trust strategies with your online visitor, establish regular positive contact with your visitors via email, Facebook, Twitter, and don’t forget to write regularly in your company blog. All these have become a daily tasks for all business owners of the 21st century.

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