Author: vicentepimienta

CEO @Digisults Sunshine Award - "Public Relations & Marketing Agency of the Year Award 2017". Internet Services, Digital Marketing Agency & Multimedia Company. As a CEO at Digisults, I am able to help business owners transition from traditional commerce into digital commerce. Prroviding them with Internet Services, Digital Marketing, Multimedia Products, Consulting, and Workshops. Google Digital Coach, Adecco Staffing at Google As a Google Digital Coach I am able to play an important role in a Google Pilot Program designed to breach the digital divide of the minorities and under represented communities. Founder of, Inc. An Internet Service Provider since 1996. Author of "Online Marketing Essentials. The Missing Links..." Paperback – September 28, 2016 by Vicente Pimienta Vicente has collaborated with: CNN Español, Univisión, Caso Cerrado Telemundo, Mega TV, América TV, NTN24, Voz de América, TV Marti, Actualidad Radio, Radio Caracol, Z92.3FM, Cristina Radio SIriux XM among others.